3 Things to maximize your wedding expo experience

The question's been popped, your engagement is insta official and you’ve been pinning your ass off ever since. You want to make this easy on yourself and plan on attending the next big wedding expo in your area.   Well, let me be real with you.  Prepping prior to the Expo may make a huge difference in what you get out of it.  Every year at the Expo I meet hundreds, if not ... Read the Post

Plan your wedding in one day with these 3 super important tips to maximizing your wedding expo experience.

5 printing methods to consider for your wedding stationery

Did you know that even though it's only just the middle of 2019, if you are planning a 2020 soiree then it's already time to start planning? I don't say that to make you panic, I want to help you get all your stamps in a row and plan like a boss! So today we are talking about 5 printing methods to consider for your wedding stationery. Before we get started I just want to be clear, we will ... Read the Post

Pride 2019: How to help LGBTQ+ Guests (AKA friends and family) feel at ease by breaking up with gender-centric traditions

Over the last few months, I have been working hard to be as inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community in my life as possible. As a member of the community, even I find it hard sometimes to shake off the hetero-normative way I talk.   I talked with my friend Mason Aid numerous times about being inclusive in parenting, my business and just dealing with life. ( I featured Mason in a post here about the ... Read the Post