3 Things to maximize your wedding expo experience

The question’s been popped, your engagement is insta official and you’ve been pinning your ass off ever since. You want to make this easy on yourself and plan on attending the next big wedding expo in your area.  

Well, let me be real with you. 

Prepping prior to the Expo may make a huge difference in what you get out of it.  Every year at the Expo I meet hundreds, if not thousands of people. Almost all of them are overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

So, based on years of expo experience and feedback from couples just like you, here are 3 vital things that you and your partner should do to make the most of your expo experience.

Bring a Crew you Trust 100% (trust me)

If you talk to a couple who planned their wedding with their parents, 9 out of 10 would shout tell you to run for the hills.  Your wedding is about your love and commitment to each other, and sometimes family forgets that. Don’t regret your wedding choices for the rest of your life, because it wasn’t what you actually wanted.

So when picking your crew, make sure they are people you trust 100% with your wedding vision. A solid crew of 3-5 people is typically better than 10 people you kinda like.  Expos have super hectic schedules with lots of events overlapping. Feel confident that if you split up to make sure you get an idea of it all, your crew will have your back. So that crew needs to be able to check out vendors, try the food and give you reliable intel.  Is that booth a “Take your happy ass over there immediately”, or a “hell no, stay the fuck away from that one!”

I do believe that even if your partner doesn’t have any real interest in the nitty-gritty wedding details, attending the Expo is kinda important.  Get catering and cake tastings done. Chat with photographers, DJs, and all the other big stuff in one go. Hash out the details later without them, but at least you’ll know that who you choose was a mutual decision.  You both need to trust that these vendors will help you make memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. (You can totally read that as, help you plan the most epic party of your lives!) So tell them to put their panties on and deal with the chaos for a day.  

Prioritize your time + only visit the vendors you actually want at your wedding

Months before you even step a foot in the Expo, you can be checking out the vendors who will be in attendance.  Typically expos cater to a wide range of wedding styles and budgets, and the vendors themselves will fall into different categories too.  So a bit of research ahead of time will help you figure out how to prioritize your time, and help you skip vendors you would never choose anyways.

Visit each vendor’s website and social media before the show

The internet is the ultimate source to help you figure out which vendors are the best fit for you.  So be sure to check every vendor’s website and Instagram before the show. What you see is what you get. If you visit a vendor’s website and nothing speaks to you, 9 times out of 10 that vendor isn’t a great fit for you.  If you hop on their insta account and it makes your heart race with excitement, they may just be the one. I suggest having a list of 2-3 vendors for each category so you have options in case someone is booked.

Divide and conquer the expo with the help of your crew

I’m sure each person on your crew will have some key insight to different parts of your wedding, so use that!  Divide the vendor list up among your trusted wedding crew and have each one visit the vendor they will know about the most.  Have them report back on the vendors they thought fit you best.  

Don’t forget to have them on the lookout for unique options you would never have thought existed.  

Take advantage of the downtime

When the crowd slows down, visit the #1 picks have a conversation with each of the vendors.  This quality time will be invaluable! This is when you can ask detailed questions about your wedding vision, without a time crunch or feeling like your not getting enough time with the vendor.  This is an especially great opportunity when you are trying to narrow down two or more options. If during the conversation a lightbulb goes off and you know they are the one, don’t be afraid to book them on the spot!   I mean there are only 52 weeks in a year, and thousands of couples just met that vendor too! Don’t let anyone steal your dream vendor out from under your nose.

For the love of all the Moscato, save your hands and print some labels

Almost every vendor you meet at the expo is going to want your information so they can stay in touch and follow up on your questions.  If you like your hands and don’t want to cramp up, bring some labels with your wedding info on them. After the zillionth entry your handwriting may end up going downhill anyway and that means vendors can’t read your info.  Printed labels will 100% fix that issue.

Not sure what information to include or how to make a label?

Well, friend, you’re totally in luck because I made this easy expo label creator just for you!  Just fill in the information and out spits your labels. It perfectly fits the Avery 5160 labels which you can grab practically anywhere!  So print out a couple hundred and be ready to go.

P.S. Some vendors may have tablets where you can type your info so heads up on that!

I hope these three tips help you maximize your wedding expo experience.  I would love to hear what you thought about the tips and feel free to comment below with any questions you have before you go!


to grab your expo labels

Plan your wedding in one day with these 3 super important tips to maximizing your wedding expo experience.

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